Skilled workers required!

The High Speed Rail network will require 30’000 jobs to complete, and once finished will ask for 3000 new jobs across the country to maintain and grow.

"Currently around a quarter of the UK’s rail engineers are over 55 and are predicted to retire in the next ten years, which is one of the reasons why we are investing now to ensure we have the skilled workforce we need"

- Mark Thurston, CEO HS2 Ltd

This opens the doors for 2’000 apprenticeship jobs and begins the catalyst of growth across Britain. This opportunity to up-skill the UK workforce present an investment opportunity to solve and create new jobs.

HS2 rail worker

Supporting STEM subjects 

By investing in the development of learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects, HS2 presents a perfect opportunity to fill the annual shortfall of 20’000 engineering graduates and generate new interest in related careers. This is more apparent in women where only 12.5% of the engineering workforce is female[1].

[1] Source: Engineering UK Report 2018. The state of Engineering. Engineering UK.

Geotechnical HS2 jobs

Geotechnical & Archaeological Jobs  


In the process of laying the land for the new rail line of HS2 a lot of work also goes into the archaeological finds that can appear on the route. With respect to the land and history of locations, the project requires specialist teams of geotechnical and archaeological workers to analyse the terrain and preserve any historical finds along the way.

In 2017, 2 Victorian time capsules from 140 years ago, marking the UK’s first “sober” hospital, were found in the remains of a derelict National Temperance Hospital in London.

Early archaeological digs in Hillingdon revealed prehistoric activity, tools used by our ancestors in the Mesolithic to the Iron Age, around 8,000 BC to 43 AD.

By using the HS2 project to treat our history with dignity, care and respect, the excavation of remains can be used to celebrate the lives of ordinary peoples’ stories from thousands of years ago. These are shared with the local communities and public and a great opportunity to work within.

Some of the new opportunities awaiting these roles include:

  • Prehistoric hunting sites (london)
  • Undiscovered multi-period sites
  • Medieval remains
  • Black Death locations
  • Buckinghamshire village from 1000 years ago
  • WW2 bombing in Lichfield
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