HS2 building

When is High Speed Rail happening?

2026, but it’s already begun. Starting in 2009, the project has three phases. Phase 1 will connect London to Birmingham ready for the first passengers predicted to commence their new route late 2026. This means there’s plenty of time for new jobs and contracts across the entirety of the project.

The mainline will begin in Euston reaching the north of Birmingham to rejoin the West Coast line.

HS2 timeline map

What is Phase 2a?

Phase 2a expands the work into Birmingham across the West Midlands and Crewe. Beginning in 2027 this line will run from Fradley to Cheshire using existing high speed services from London. Trains will carry on towards Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Preston and Wigan using existing networks.

What is Phase 2b?

Starting in 2033, the final phase for now of the HS2 rail network forms a Y shape split to connect Leeds and Manchester to the high-speed trains reducing travel times almost in half to major locations.

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