HS2 jobs fill train seats in Britain

Growth in Britain, a more connected future

£1 spent on HS2 puts £2.30 back in the UK

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HS2 supports the unemployed into work

High Speed Rail’s push to employ a new generation of workers to design and deliver Britain’s new railway has now supported over 250 unemployed people into work. As a result, HS2 is helping people return to work, start new career pathways and enter the world of work for the very first time.

People, Place & Time
HS2’s vision of design is based on the three core concepts:


Paid for by the taxpayer, it’s an investment in ourselves. By recruiting internally, sourcing local businesses to fund and support projects and engaging with local communities, plenty can be done to enhance Britain's workforce.

Searching for creative talent also ensures the best possible outcome, which elevates the skills of employees, enhancing the team and creating new and exciting designs.



By expanding our network, we expand our opportunities. The ability to live in Birmingham and work in London is now as easy as living in or just outside London itself.

Both industrial locations such as stations and terminals and the growing environment surrounding the line in the form of green corridors are enhanced with a commitment to quality of life by the location we live in.


HS2 has actually accelerated its progress to become ahead of schedule in Phase 1 and trending well for the entire project. With an importance of customers’ time by saving at least 40% of your normal journey duration, faster rail links result in a more efficient workforce and less stressed passengers.

Each new build is designed specifically to enhance local areas and communities. By creating better places to work, visit and live, HS2 generates increasing public value.

This thought process applies equally to wildlife and the natural environment. Rather than removing land to make space for a rail line, the HS2 project presents a new opportunity for creative vision to design new landscapes to complement the journey, enhance natural wildlife zones and create genuine walking routes both for animals and humans alike. Potentially without the rail line build, most of these environments would be ignored, left to decay or become overrun naturally. HS2 ensures something new and interesting is created.   

The new High Speed Railway should also be long lasting so there is minimal time maintaining rail links, trains and causing potential delays.

This includes planning for the future, being able to adapt to inventions not yet invented, and being able to evolve transport to meet future demands. Where the travellers’ time is a premium, making that time with HS2 more productive or more enjoyable is key to success.

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