What our children say about us

"We try our best to achieve our best; if we do achieve, we know that we've done ourselves proud. The school's a very positive environment which allows us to succeed more."

"When we're at school, we have fun together: we make each other laugh when we're blue. The school provides a supportive learning environment for us to learn, especially for our SATs!"

"Our school's a joyful place; I have a lot of friends to play with all the time. It's green and green makes me happy: it's the standard we should all be. Everyone takes effort and pride in their work. Teachers are very helpful and make things fun for us. Our environment where we are is a beautiful place, we have many outdoor areas to learn. We now have a better library too!"

“ I like learning because my teachers make it fun”

“ I like all the colourful displays because they show us good learning”

“Lessness Heath is a good school because all the teachers help you learn”

“You have to always try your hardest and you will learn.  It’s OK if you don’t get the right answer first time, you just have to keep trying”


“We get target letters to help us with our learning and we work hard to achieve them”


“Coming to school is the best part of the week”


“Lessness Heath is one big team”


“The school is really different now and I love it!”