Working for us

At Lady Bankes Junior School we are very proud of our school and the progress we have made. Our children and staff are excited to be a part of our school. We are looking for an inspirational and creative Headteacher to lead our school, build on our existing strengths and take forward our vision for the future.

Ultimately, our goal is to make our school an outstanding place for children to learn, and to create excellent links with the community and parents. Our aims will be achieved through skilful and experienced leadership. Our Headteacher will play a pivotal role in delivering and sustaining this agenda.

Our new Headteacher will need to draw on appropriate skills, knowledge and experience of leadership to build on our successes, to achieve a good rating, and then realise our goal of offering an outstanding educational experience for all children.

We want our new Headteacher to share our passion for:

  • Academic excellence, continuous improvement and innovation
  • Making a positive difference to the lives of our children
  • Consistent quality teaching and learning
  • Working with parents, the community and other schools

In return we offer:

  • Dedicated and enthusiastic teaching and support staff
  • Well behaved children who want to achieve their potential
  • A supportive and active Governing Body who value innovation
  • Parents who play an active role in school life

Lady Bankes Junior School shares a site with our outstanding infant school. We have made huge strides this year with the support of our interim headteacher, our staff, governors, and the infant school.

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About our school

​Lady Bankes Junior School is a 3-form entry mixed community school for children aged 7-11.​

Lady Bankes Junior School is a thriving and successful school set in the heart of Ruislip Manor, Hillingdon. We place great value in children's all round personal development as well as in their academic achievements. As a result our children are successful in a range of ways. 

We are renowned for our success in sports and the arts as well as our academic achievements. 

Rated as Requires improvement at our last Ofsted inspection, we have made huge progress over the last year and are hoping to achieve a good rating in our next inspection.

We are fortunate to have a playground, a large school field and a tranquil area for the children who want to relax and read.

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Our aims

Our key aims are to ensure that all children:

  • Acquire a love for learning in an environment where they can thrive.
  • Are challenged to meet their full potential across the full range of curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Learn the organisational skills needed to become independent learners able to organise their time and their work.
  • Develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to prepare them for the next phase of their education and their future.
  • Learn the values needed in a diverse society and teach them to co-operate, respect, and work with each other. 

A school community that shapes its own learning

At Lady Bankes Junior School we promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children.

We believe that forging links with our local community is important and we’re constantly looking for new ways to immerse our children in local life.

Our children visit a local fire station to learn about their rights and responsibilities as junior citizens. We often welcome road safety officers to school so that children can understand the rules of the road.

Our greatest asset is our children, and we value their input in the running of our school.

Our school council meets regularly and the members are voted in by their fellow classmates. They play a big part in school decisions such as anti-bullying, their safety, and what’s served in the canteen.

Behavior within the school is very good. It is maintained through regular vigilance by staff, zero-tolerance of racism, homophobia and other prejudice, and buy-in by children, who are keen to report and resolve incidents. Anti- bullying has a high priority, with involvement from parents, staff, children and governors.

A rich and creative curriculum

At Lady Bankes Junior School we provide a rich curriculum, with appropriate emphasis on developing core skills in a stimulating learning environment.

We aim to grow enquiring, creative, thoughtful, stimulated, confident and independent learners who take pride in their achievements.

We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs. These give our children the chance to learn a new skill, develop their talents, and socialise outside of the classroom. We are proud to offer our children many clubs including gymnastics, French, street jazz, cricket, Taekwondo, table tennis, choir, netball, and a football club run by Queens Park Rangers football club.

Our children ​have recently put on productions of 'The Wizard of Oz’ and 'The Snow Queen’.

We use a combination of teaching methods and styles to deliver the curriculum in a broad, balanced and creative way. We believe in a cross curricular approach to learning and have schemes of work in place for each subject whilst making sure these link with other subject areas as often as possible.

History lessons are often based upon the teachings in literacy and linked to design technology. This is currently being demonstrated by our study of the Mayans this term.

Federation between Lady Bankes Infant School and Lady Bankes Junior School

In April 2016 Lady Bankes Infant School and Lady Bankes Junior School formed a federation. As a result of the federation there is now one single governing body across both schools. The two schools share a site and the majority of children at the infant school progress to the junior school. It was therefore felt that a closer, more formal partnership would be a mutually beneficial way forward and embed the informal partnership that had already been developing between the two schools.

The aim of this partnership is to deliver a seamless, quality education to children from their first day in the Nursery through to their last day in Year 6.

The newly federated governing body is keen to develop a shared vision and culture for both schools together with the development of a common curriculum that delivers an outstanding learning environment enabling all children to reach their full potential.

Join a dedicated and enthusiastic staff team

At Lady Bankes Junior School all the staff work together to help create a happy school, where the working atmosphere is relaxed and informal. We are incredibly proud of our team, all of our teaching and non-teaching team staff have demonstrated an unstinted commitment to the school’s goals and are a key part of our future success.

Upon joining our school you would be supported by our Deputy Headteacher, vice senior teachers and an inclusion Manager.

You will also be supported by the Senior Leadership Team of our infant school.

We currently have 14 full time teachers, 5 support teachers, and 23 support staff.