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St George’s School strives to move forward amidst educational changes whilst maintaining our reputation for pastoral care and Christian ethos. Situated in the district of Marton, we continue to grow and serve the local community. Staff development and well-being forms a critical role in our renewed success and we are always on the lookout to develop innovative approaches to learning with an increased focus on collaborative learning in school and beyond. Whilst we appreciate the contribution that technology can play in assisting learning, we remain committed to the idea that it is the teacher who makes the difference. With 72 teachers and 120 staff overall, we appreciate how important staff experience is. Our staff are supported through NPQSL and NPQML and we’re always open to staff feedback.

St George’s has been recognised as a school which is on a positive trajectory to achieve something special. So much so that we will be only one of 7 schools to be included in the Parliamentary review 2018 published 2018 which highlights national best practice. Click here to see what the headteacher of the school has to say.

Welcome from the head

We are determined to recruit talented individuals who share the school’s vision to provide exceptional holistic education. You will show the drive, tenacity and ability to realise this ambition. You will need to demonstrate a commitment to your own education and to yours and others’ professional development. At St George’s we firmly belief that the biggest difference to pupils lives is the quality of teaching and because of this we always look to fill the best in any role. Attracting and keeping the best talent is the most effective way to grow a successful school, which is particularly important for us now as we push our pupils to greater GCSE success.

We firmly believe that our distinct ethos gives those who work at St George’s the competitive edge. Ours is a culture of enthusiasm for high performance plus continuous improvement; and one of teamwork and open communication. By working together, we are afforded a distinct advantage in what we are able to offer new staff to St George’s School. The opportunity for you to advance your career with us is first class and something we take seriously.

Enjoy Blackpool

A popular resort since the 1800s, Blackpool is often associated with culture, entertainment and of course, the seaside! If you are keen to enjoy a great work-life balance and teach in a location with a fun, vibrant atmosphere then click here to find out more about teaching in Blackpool.

Creativity at its peak.

Culture and creativity is so important to this town that they have a project dedicated to it. Leftcoast is one of the the Art Council’s Creative People and Places projects and they have been making art happen in the area since 2014. If entertainment is what you are after, then Blackpool won’t disappoint with its colourful festivals and star-studded theatre performances.

One, two, three piers.

With not only one but three piers, Blackpool’s piers includes North Pier which is a Grade II listed building by English Heritage. As well as playing a key part in the area’s heritage, North Pier houses a Victorian tea room, a tempting ice cream parlour and a busy arcade. Are you ready to go back in time and enjoy the simple pleasures at this beach?

Life is a roller coaster here.

The Blackpool pleasure beach is a well-loved theme park within the UK and if you like living life in the fast lane, maybe you ought to try the roller coasters in Blackpool.

Nature at its best.

Stanley Park has 390 acres of beautiful architecture, floral displays and ornamental...ornaments. If you need to unwind after a particularly busy day of teaching, these Italian gardens are sure to help.

That’s not all.

With the historic engineering wonder that is the tramway, the light show that has enough illuminations to light up the town and the Blackpool Tower inspired by the world famous landmark of the Eiffel Tower, we are confident that the lifestyle here can give any major town or city a run for its money and help enhance your time outside of the busy teaching life.

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