Our School

We are a mixed community school for pupils aged 7 to 11. We have added two new classrooms which will allow us to expand to three forms of entry from September.

A recent Ofsted inspection in the Summer of 2015 rated our school as good.

At Scargill Junior School we are looking for enthusiastic and creative teachers to join our dedicated team in order to develop every child’s potential.

Working at Scargill Junior School will allow you to flourish in your own creative teaching style and focus on the pupils to help them achieve. We are extremely proud of the progression our staff make and are constantly growing a new group of future leaders. All our staff are offered numerous CPD opportunities and we are proud to see our staff progress into these senior roles. 

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You will be part of a school that actively work together to allow pupils to develop their confidence both academically and creatively

Our Approach

Our pupils describe our teachers as friendly, very helpful, and like that their teachers can ‘be themselves’ in the classroom. By encouraging a harmonious atmosphere in the school we have developed a supportive culture among staff and a fantastic feeling of everybody pulling in the same direction.

At Scargill Junior School we believe that our curriculum should be broad, balanced, creative and relevant and should meet the needs of all our learners whatever their ability. The curriculum is the totality of our pupils’ learning experiences and is comprised of the National Curriculum, Religious Education and the wider curriculum. We ensure that the children have a wide range of learning. The wider curriculum is promoted through our strong school ethos and gives our pupils the skills they need to become active and responsible members of the community.

Every pupil has an opportunity to take part in an annual theatre production which they get to perform to their fellow pupils and parents and careers.

We are a school where children are encouraged to develop an inquisitive mind that leads to knowledge, skills and creativity. Walking around our school you will notice the huge part pupils play in the school. Each wall is a display board for our pupils to be proud of their work, and the pupil’s school council influence is everywhere to be seen. We operate a creative and multisensory curriculum which we feel is key to the successes of our pupils and staff.


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Our Pupils

We offer a variety of sports including tennis, badminton, basketball, football, gymnastics, yoga, and even street dance. We participate in borough wide competitions across all years. We try to give everyone a chance to take part if they wish and in addition we try to encourage those pupils who would not normally put themselves forward.
Confidence in the playground often translates to confidence in the classroom.
Some of our year 6 have been trained to be leaders and run a weekly club where some identified children in lower juniors, who would benefit from increased physical exercise, take part in fun activities and exercise. It is beginning to have an impact for e.g. one child was very excited because he can now skip!

Our staff offer a variety of after school clubs of their choosing. We are excited to be able to offer a number of activities including dodgeball, dance, hockey, tag rugby, football, gardening, and French club.

Music is another way our pupils like to express themselves and we offer our pupils the chance to learn a new instrument. Currently our pupils are learning to play the drums, flute, keyboard, Violin, and a variety of brass instruments.

Our School council plays a big part within our school. From speaking directly to governors to planning their own fund-raising days, our school council are great advocates for the community we have within our school.

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