my role in Advanced Engineering

Name: Luke Daykin
Start Date: September 2016
Title: Prototype Mechanic

I am an Advanced Engineering Apprentice based at Dunton Technical Centre and have been on the scheme since I started in September 2016. For the first 18 months of the apprenticeship I was based at the CEME Centre in Dagenham, which is where all engineering apprentices go to complete their NVQ in performing engineering operations. During this time, as well as completing my NVQ, I received training in areas such as electronics, machining and motor mechanics. This training was thoroughly enjoyable and has given me the invaluable skills and knowledge required to work competently and safely in any engineering environment. As well as completing the NVQ work, advanced engineering apprentices have to attend college on block release for the first 2 years. This is to further improve your engineering knowledge and allow you to complete level 2 and level 3 extended BTEC’s in engineering, which are required to progress through the apprenticeship.

To anyone who is considering a career in engineering, I would definitely recommend the Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship as it is a great opportunity to gain skills and qualifications, whilst being paid at the same time.

my role in Advanced Engineering

Name: Nick Mayer
Start Date: September 2016
Title: Prototype Mechanic

After joining Ford in September 2016 on the Advance Engineering Apprenticeship, I spent the next 18 Months at CEME. In the first year I learnt a vast range of skills, such as Milling, Turning, Bench Fitting and Welding. For the final 6 months, I spent most of my time working on cars and learning about everything from Engines to Suspension.

Since I have been at plant I have been rotating between several areas. At the end of 6-month rotation I will be placed into one of these areas. I have really enjoyed my time so far as a Ford Apprentice. The thing I enjoy most is the variety in your day and working as one big team.  

my role in Advanced Engineering

Name: Holly Fernie
Start date: September 2014
Department: Emission Lab Maintenance

I’m currently a fourth year mechanical/electrical craftsperson, working in the Emission Laboratory maintenance team. I have worked in this department for two years and enjoy the problem solving side of my job most. Working for Ford Motor Company has provided me with many opportunities and exposed me to lots of different systems I would never have known about otherwise.

I have earnt a Level 3 BTEC in Engineering and a Level 3 NVQ as well as the chance to learn on the job experience. I work alongside other skilled team members who help me to excel and become an active participant who will one day work on shift with them.

my role in Advanced Engineering

Name: Rhoda Adesanya
Start date: Sept 2017
Department: Electro Mechanical Engineer

I am currently a first year apprentice on the Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering programme.
I joined Ford after having a ten year career in Marketing and Equity Research.

I have always wanted to be an engineer but the thought of going back into education, then having to look for a job once I had finished was so daunting. Through research I knew the apprenticeship route was right for me.

The Advanced Apprenticeship programme at Ford offered a great balance of gaining practial skills and BTEC and an NVQ qualification whilst getting paid.

The more I learn, the more my condifience grows, plus it helps that there is a great support network within my team and from my supervisors.

my role in IT

Name: Jenny Martin
Start date: Sept 2017
Department: IT

I am a first year Apprentice that joined Ford after finishing Sixth Form with A levels in Geography, Sociology, Biology and General Studies and working for a year in the office for a small manufacturing company. The IT degree apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity for me to work, get experience, get paid and do a degree! We study one day a week at university and are in the office for 4 days.

I work in the Digital Marketing Team who develop, manage and maintain applications and websites for Ford of Europe. This apprenticeship has given me the chance to gain both technical and business skills, and the opportunity to do training in specialised technical areas.

my role in IT

Name: Sam Rohrbasser
Start date: Sept 2014
Department: IT

‚ÄčI joined Ford Motor Company in 2014 on the Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship, My first 2 years at the Company was spent training and learning as much as I could about Engineering, Manufacturing and Ford Motor Company. In 2016 the opportunity came up to move away from Engineering and move to IT and also the opportunity to complete my Degree.

My first placement in IT was a Business Analyst working on a Pan-European project delivering an upgrade to the National Website for 29 European Markets (Ford.co.uk, Ford.de, Ford.fr, etc.) Within my first placement on the Ford IT Degree Apprenticeship I have helped launch 14 National Websites across Europe, I have been given the responsibility & opportunity to be a Project lead on sub-projects such as the Approved Used Car website. What I have found so great about the Ford IT Degree Apprenticeship is seeing the difference and similarities between the Degree Theory (while studying at the University of Greenwich) and the Practice (working in a real industry, with real projects, with real budgets and deliverables).


my role in IT

Name: Molly Moynihan
Start date: September 2017
Department: IT
Role Title: FordPass EU Test Analyst

I am an IT Degree Apprentice in my first year. Before joining the apprenticeship I worked in recruitment for Hays, I worked here for a year straight after college. At college, I studied History, English, Psychology and Sociology. This apprenticeship was the perfect option for me, this is because it gave me the chance to learn on the job whilst getting paid, as well as getting a degree at the end of it.

I currently work as a Test Analyst within FordPass. This department works on the Ford app. I love working in this team, every day is different and it is very vibrant and fun. It does not restrict your learning, as there are a lot of opportunities, as well as support.