Additional benefits HML employees enjoy

Company newsletter

HML employees receive a minimum of four company newsletters per year.

The newsletter is titled ‘HML News’.

This publication contains the latest updates on our company and the opportunities/changes that impact staff as an employees.

Employee Assistance Programme

Every HML employee has access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which offers telephone support for a range of issues including medical, family, bereavement, legal, stress etc.

Childcare vouchers are taken out of an employee's salary before tax and National Insurance through something called 'salary sacrifice'.

This means that where they could have, for example, £700 in their pay cheque over the year, they can choose to get £1,000 of vouchers instead (though the exact amounts will depend on how much tax you pay).

These vouchers can be used to pay for nursery, preschool, a nanny or a childminder up until a child's 15th birthday.

Employee recognition

HML wishes to recognise and reward individuals and/or groups of employees who make an exceptional (sustained or one-off) contribution that exemplifies our values as a company, or meets an exceptional shorter-term operational challenge.

Recognition will be made through a number of differing initiatives including

  • Annual Awards
  • HML Superstars (Monthly Recognition).

Healthcare benefits

Flu voucher

HML employees can apply for a free annual workplace flu jab.

The influenza vaccination is also a popular benefit and provides stafff with a duty of care.

Eye care

HML provides vouchers from Specsavers to enable employees to have an eye examination at the company’s expense.

HML will also pay towards glasses if employees use visual display units in their daily role.

Annual Staff Survey

HML runs an annual staff survey which is sent to all our employees.

This is a confidential document and the answers provided will not be released to an individual's management team.

The staff survey is a powerful vehicle for our continued development of our people.

The results from the annual staff survey help drive our company policy in the future and we therefore encourage you to complete the survey.

Additional extras

Happy HML Birthday

On their birthday we give every HML employee an extra 1/2 day's holiday so that they can really enjoy their celebrations.

Interest-free Travel Loan

We offer an interest free loan of up to £5,000 to allow employees to buy an annual travel card or season ticket (they're usually cheaper than buying daily, weekly or monthly tickets).

Ideas scheme

HML is keen to promote and recognise the contribution that its employees can have, in making suggestions for improving the way we do things at work.

In future if an employee has an idea that would, for example, improve customer service or our efficiency, then we are keen to hear about it.

The idea will be assessed to ascertain its practicality and potential value.

If it is considered that an idea can be implemented and add value then the employee will receive a one-off bonus payment via their pay.

The amount will depend upon the impact the idea has on our business.

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