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Lucy Cooker - Supply Chain Leadership Apprentice

Joining Ford as a Supply Chain Leader degree apprentice has given me chance to develop my knowledge whilst earning and gaining valuable work experience. There's a great family/community feel to working at Ford, something I didn't expect from such a large company. Everyone is genuinely supportive and helpful with daily work tasks and with my studies. You have opportunities to work in different departments and roles as part of the programme.

When I left sixth form, university wasn’t something I wanted to do so I took a few gap years then started this scheme. I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to go down the standard university route.

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Tom Franklin - Supply Chain Leadership Apprentice

Working at Ford Motor Company as a Supply Chain Leadership apprentice allows me to study towards a degree qualification, furthering my skillset at the University of Hull, whilst simultaneously, gaining the significantly important experience as I learn ‘on the job’ in my chosen career path. Working as an apprentice at Ford is both challenging and enriching, presenting tasks and obstacles that are unique to the workplace.

Since joining Ford, everyone I have met has been extremely welcoming and kind, this has helped me greatly in settling in knowing that there is a constant support bubble round you willing to offer help and guidance in progressing your early stages of your career at Ford. I’m extremely happy to be apart of Ford as an apprentice!

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Rhoda Adesanya - Advanced Engineering Apprentice

I joined Ford after having a ten year career in Marketing and Equity Research.

I have always wanted to be an engineer but the thought of going back into education, then having to look for a job once I had finished was so daunting. Through research I knew the apprenticeship route was right for me.

The Advanced Apprenticeship programme at Ford offered a great balance of gaining practial skills and BTEC and an NVQ qualification whilst getting paid.

The more I learn, the more my condifience grows, plus it helps that there is a great support network within my team and from my supervisors.

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Henry Kemp - Higher Engineering Apprentice

Working as a Ford apprentice is a fantastic opportunity, it allows you to earn a degree whilst simultaneously working in a professional environment and earning a living. The experiences I have already had working in the industry have greatly expanded my depth of knowledge surrounding product development engineering.

Everyone I have come across has been very welcoming and encouraging my development by always offering their help to support my learning. They also have very positive experiences working at Ford demonstrating how a long career at Ford is very attainable and an attractive proposition.

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