All you need to know about acing your application! 

Selection Process for all apprenticeships:

Step 1: Online Application

  • Main Details
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Competencies

Step 2: Online Test

Various online assesments

Step 3: Assessment centre


Online Application Form

 You will be asked to complete the online application form. Included in this are some questions to help you to consider if you are likely to enjoy the role of an Advanced Apprentice at Ford. You will also need to complete some short competency based questions. Here you can give details of relevant work experience, qualifications and/or training you have done or are about to complete and describe any relevant personal skills or other relevant experience

There are several sections in the application form:

Main Details section:

In this section we need some personal details so that we can contact you.

Education & Qualifications section:

This section asks about your education at school or college. Please complete this section with all exams you have taken or will be taking. Make sure you include any GCSEs, A Levels, NVQs, City & Guilds qualifications and the grades you obtained, or your predicted grades if you have not yet taken your exams.

Competencies section:

In this section, you are asked for more detailed information of your skills and experience in relation to job relevant criteria. We are looking for you to provide examples of when you have shown the skills and qualities necessary to be an effective Advanced/Higher Apprentice.

Please try to write clearly and give as much relevant information as possible to all the questions. Try to describe the situations briefly, and then go on to explain what you did, and what the outcome was. We are looking for recent examples from your work/school/college/voluntary/ other activities that show you have the necessary skills and qualities to be effective in the role. It may take some time to think of relevant examples, so please feel free to print off the questions and make some notes before going back to the online form to enter and save the information.

Tips for choosing examples to write about:

Choose recent examples

  • Be specific – describe exactly what you did or said
  • Talk about your contribution (not what other people have done)
  • Give examples of the skills that you demonstrated in the particular situation
  • You can choose examples from work / college / voluntary work / out of work activities

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