Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship Specialisms 

Please see some information below to help you choose a specialism:


Toolmaker – As the name implies this is the trade of somebody that makes tools and equipment. However in Ford this can expand also to include the making of experimental parts for production, research components and plant equipment. A Toolmaker typically uses metal working machines like Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Guillotines etc. to produce items to drawing specifications, meeting the quality required (within tolerance) and on time. 

A toolmaker at Dunton would typically be placed in one of 2 locations:

Main Toolroom, a Toolmaker would manufacture small or large batches of experimental parts to be used of parts of vehicles to be tested. 

Materials laboratory a Toolmaker would be prepare tooling to test other materials that are to be used on vehicles, or to prepare samples of already tested parts for microscopic examination. 

Which ever area a Toolmaker is placed in it is a highly skilled position often requiring working to very high tolerances, using a range of equipment including computer controlled machinery too.

Electro Mechanical Craftsperson (Mech/Elec)

Mech/Elec – Again as the title implies this role has involvement in both mechanical & electrical engineering. 

Within Dunton Mech/Elec trades persons could be in various roles, some of which follow:

Dyno Maintenance, where equipment used for the testing of engines is supported. This could be anything from fitting new parts i.e. motors, valves etc. to plumbing.

Estate maintenance, where skilled people are required to maintain parts of the infrastructure of the plant where the testing takes place. This could involve a myriad of different tasks from refurbishing or installing new plumbing systems, air conditioning systems, water treatment, fabricating steel work, etc. 

Rig shop, this is where components are tested on specialised test rigs (mainly suspension and braking components). Mech/Elec personnel support this testing creating new hydraulic, pneumatic rigs to recreate component failures similar to that, that would be expected on a vehicle in use. 

Vehicle Prototype Mechanic

Vehicle Prototype Mechanics can be placed in a number of places within Dunton that have responsibility for testing either individual vehicle components or full vehicle systems.

Fleet workshop, this is where experimental parts are fitted to vehicles for test. Vehicle Proto Mechanics in this area could have either electrical or mechanical bias.

Dyno’s, this area is where experimental engines are tested in specialised testing cells where the prototype mechanic is responsible for following the testing procedure and identifying any issues/breakdowns that arise and using their training assist with resolving.

Emissions Laboratory, Proto mechs in this area are responsible for ascertaining the total emissions output of vehicles. Testing of a vehicle on a rolling road to precise specifications.

Environmental Test Laboratory, is where vehicles are tested in certain environmental conditions, this could include temperature, humidity and altitude.

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