Staff and pupil experience

why we love working at Belmont School

"I love working at Belmont School because I enjoy having support from the Leadership team and other colleagues with planning and professional development. It’s a school which values Children's Rights and teachers work life balance. I am supported by LSAs who are highly trained to support in and outside the classroom. I am excited about working with a team who work to be 'Stronger Together"
Science coordinator and Phase Leader

"Belmont School is a great place to work at because there is a fantastic network of supportive colleagues to guide you in your professional development. I am working with a diverse and dynamic group of children who are passionate about their learning. I am part of a team that prides itself on setting challenging goals and achieving them."
Year 4 teacher who joined the school as an NQT 3 years ago.

"Belmont is a school where you are allowed to explore your own creativity and have ownership of the curriculum."
EYFS teacher

"Belmont School provides high level CPD for all LSA and support staff"

"Belmont is an inclusive school that provides an environment where pupils thrive emotionally and academically"
Experienced LSA

"Belmont School is a team effort where everyone works together."
Recently appointed LSA



why we love going to Belmont School


“Belmont School gives you lots of opportunities to fulfil your capabilities”
Year 6 pupil

“Belmont School is a Rights Respecting School and all the teachers do their best to help us learn everything we need to know”
Year 5 pupil

“At Belmont School we follow the Belmont Goals because we are outstanding”
Year 3 pupil

“I was not good at Maths and could not speak English. My teacher helped me to be good at Maths. Now I am good and can speak English as well.”
Year 2 pupil

“We get to do exciting activities and this has enhanced my skills much further.”
Year 6 pupil

“I enjoy it because we are going to make a performance and my parents can watch. I’m getting good at it.”
Year 1 pupil

“I have learnt a variety of skill strategies, also to co-operate and be respectful to the opponent.”
Year 6 pupil